My Teacher is Not Here/My Teacher Lost Signal

My Teacher is Not Here

Sometimes our teachers have emergencies, unfortunately. If a teacher does not attend class, or needs to cancel within 24 hours of the class time, you will not be charged for class. The class may not recredit instantly, but once it has been checked, you will see it in the "Others" section of your home screen, and it will indicate the finish type.

If there is an error, please contact us via email and tell us the time, date, and account info, and we will check into it.

***IF THE CLASS IS A SUPER GROUP....please read the linked article below and exit and re-enter the class as soon as possible.*****

My Super Group Teacher is Not Here

My Teacher Suddenly left/I can't see him or her

Sometimes, there will be a lag in either your WiFi signal or the teacher's. Unfortunately, for both you and the teacher, it will appear as if the issue is the other person's and we will have to check after class ends.

*As a precaution, please try using a different device and also make sure you are on a wired internet connection or as close to the router as possible. On your device, check to make sure you don't have other apps running as these can interrupt the connection or cause lagginess.

iPad troubleshooting

PC troubleshooting

Mac troubleshooting

Problems in class

If the issue is the teacher's signal or hardware, we will return the class to your inventory. It is also possible that the signal quality or connection is poor on your end, and in this case, we would not return the class credit. We will check both the class playback and the IT report from the class after class has completed. If you want to check your speed during class, please make sure to test to a Chinese server for most accurate results: What is a good speed test result?

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