I Got a Pop-up Saying I Have Homework

I Got a Pop-Up After Class about Homework

But now I can't find it.....

After class, as the teacher leaves, they can click a button to remind your child to take the lesson quiz. We always recommend taking the quiz, as it's a great way to review and cement the class knowledge.

If you don't get the pop-up or your child closes it (or if something else goes wrong), don't worry! You can access the same quiz in the study materials!

First, click the study tab:

Then open the unit and lesson your child just took:

You'll have to click the > on the right to make the lesson open.

The last lesson your child took may still be yellow in color and won't have a green check mark until after 12 hours pass.

Now click on "Lesson Quiz" or "Unit Quiz".

Lesson quizzes are for regular lesson and Unit quizzes are for the assessment lessons.

You can have your child retake the quiz if they want to practice again later.

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