Can I choose a specific teacher?

The scheduling system is designed to cater to your own schedule and you are able to choose suitable time slots for your child’s classes every week. This will help your child maintain a steady study pace, which is important for continuous language learning.


We have outstanding and experienced Chinese teachers on our platform. Our teacher selection is very strict with only a 4% acceptance rate. All of our teachers have 1+ years of teaching experience and have passed 4 rounds of professional interviews. They must also take biweekly training to guarantee class quality. This is the unique advantage of Lingo Bus compared to other language learning agencies.


In order to let you make the most of the teacher resources, you can either use "All Teachers"to let your child experience different teaching styles and try different teachers every time to help fight boredom and make classes more interesting or use "Frequently Used Teachers" function to let your child study with teachers familiar with their study status.

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