How to Schedule Regular Super Group Classes

How can I schedule Regular Super Group/ Super Group & 1-on-1 Combo Classes?

First, go in your browser to and log in to your account, or go in the PC app or Mac app to the Home page. Click on "Schedule" on the left hand side.

Then you will see the schedule screen. It will default to CSL Regular class. Click on "1-on-1 & Super Group Combo" to switch it.

Click "start to choose timeslot"

Then select the day of the week for the first class and the time (in your time zone) that you want your child to take class. Then click "next" at the bottom.

After that, select the second class's day and time. Click "next" at the bottom. NOTE: these are recurring dates/times. If you want to adjust them, you can do so BEFORE 24 hours in advance of class time.

Finally, you will need to confirm your choices on this page. If you see an error, or wish to change a spot, click "edit". If not, the system will begin booking classes automatically in about 12-24 hours.

How can we change the time?

Yes! Click here and change the schedule anytime 24+ hours before the next scheduled class.

If your child misses a Super Group class, they can watch the playback of the Regular Super Group classes in the "study" tab Where do I find supplementary materials?

If your child misses a live class, they will not be able to watch playback as the teacher will wait for them. If the class is missed due to the student's WiFi, technology, or schedule, it cannot be retaken or returned. If the live teacher misses class or has a technical issue, the class will be returned to your inventory and you can contact us to reschedule it. I cannot access the Lingo Bus classroom

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