What level is the demo?

What level is my child's demo?

We have 3 types of demo/trial lessons.

1. Beginner demo: this demo will teach the words for mom, dad, and simple greetings. This is for students who have never taken Chinese and want to try out a class. If you select "Does not know any Chinese", your child will be placed in this demo.

Will the teacher speak in English?

*If you select "never learned" your child will take a beginner demo.

** If you select either of the other two options, your child will take a placement demo.

2. Placement demo: this demo is for children who have taken some Chinese and are at a low- to-intermediate level. This demo will say "Level 1" and you may see your child's level at the top saying "Level 3". These are not their final placement. Your child will take the class and the teacher will gently discuss some pictures with them. Through their discussions, they can determine whether your child has learned and can comfortably use the material learned in Levels 1-5 of Listening & Speaking. If you select any of the options inside the boxed area (see picture below), your child will be placed in this demo.

What classes do you offer?

3. Reading & Writing demo: This demo is for fluent speakers and will check their comfort level with the rate of speech and overall difficulty level of the Reading & Writing course ware. Your child will also need to take a literacy grading test to determine their reading level. This will be done outside of the demo class, either before or after. If you select "Main home language is Mandarin Chinese", your child will be placed in a Reading & Writing demo.

How can I select Reading & Writing lessons

Reading & Writing Lessons

How to Book and Prepare for the Demo

My child took a placement test, when will I hear the results?

Our staff take placement very seriously and will watch the entire playback to assess your child's level. If you do not see your child's placement adjusted within 2-3 days following the lesson, please send us an email and we will get the results to you. email

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