What classes do you offer?

We have 4 different types of courses available:

1. Listening & Speaking:

Listening & Speaking.pdf

These are for children aged 5-12 years old who have never learned Chinese or who have limited exposure to Chinese. The main study goal is to cultivate Chinese listening and speaking skills. They are aligned to YCT standards.

We have just updated the curriculum by adding a 6th level. Here are some details on it: Level 6

2. Reading & Writing:

Reading & Writing.pdf

These are for children aged 5-12 years old who can speak Chinese fluently and who wish to build their literacy skills. The main study goal is to cultivate Chinese reading and writing skills. They are aligned to Chinese primary school standards and curriculum.

For more differences between the two, click here: Listening & Speaking vs Reading & Writing.pdf

3. Pinyin:

Our 8-class Pinyin course teaches the system for transcribing Mandarin Chinese. The lessons focus in on proper pronunciation of the initial and final sounds in Chinese, and also the tones. Students are taught all the sounds in Pinyin throughout 8 engaging and whimsical lessons. 

Like all of our lessons, they are designed for ages 5-12. 

We recommend that students begin with one-on-one lessons first so that they will be comfortable with the class format, understand simple classroom commands, and have a sense of what the pinyin and tones are about. 

Students who can read in their first language and who have letter recognition and an understanding of how the vowels and consonants are pronounced in their first language will benefit the most from the classes. 

Children will have a chance to fine-tune their pronunciation and will leave the pinyin classes with a better ability to read pinyin and differentiate between similar words. They will learn the 200+ conventional syllable standards in Pinyin, including all the 23 initials and finals, covering over 85 percent of Chinese pronunciation.

For more information: Pinyin Classes

NOTE: There are only 8 classes in total for the Pinyin course.

4. Super Group Bundle:

What is Super Group?

Super Group is a budget-friendly alternative to the one-to-one lessons. They are fun, game-based group classes and one-to-one review lessons. The lessons are designed for beginning learners, but any student may take them for review or for fun.

The lessons are designed for ages 5-12, but are best for students who can operate a computer fairly comfortably and who like games/competition. Each super group lesson will teach a sentence structure and 3 new vocabulary words, and the one-to-one lesson will review the content with a live teacher. 

We recommend that you use a wired internet connection for these classes to participate more effectively in the game aspect. They are more fast-paced than our other classes and have a pre-recorded teacher.

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