Can my kids take class together?

Can my kids take class together?

Unfortunately, no. We have tested out sibling and family classes, and found that it was not as effective for learning.

In our classes, teachers can gauge each student's level and interests and adjust the lesson to suit them.

Also, teachers aim to have students speak as much as possible so that they can practice the language.

With more than one student, we cannot ensure that each child gets maximum learning and talk time and we also cannot easily adjust the lesson to suit each child. Please have every child take class in an area free from distractions and wearing a headset with a microphone.

Super Group Classes have multiple (up to 4 kids) per class, but they will each be on a separate device and will not see their classmates except for during certain challenges. We want every child to be able to focus on learning so they can achieve the best results!

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