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If you have an older PC and are unsure if it will work for classes or why it is not working, this article is for you. If you are having difficulty with loading the classroom, it might be good to run a speed test:

What is a good speed test result?

The two things we will look at are CPU and RAM.

CPU= Central Processing Unit.

We recommend having at least an Intel i5

You can find the CPU specs by typing "CPU" in the search bar:

You can also see the RAM above. RAM= random access memory. It is like the computer's short-term memory and it allows you to run programs.

With these specs, you should be able to load class well, but if you are still having problems, it is good to check the Task Manager to see if there are any apps that are hogging memory.

Simultaneously click ctrl/alt/delete and you will see this screen:

From here, click on "Task Manager" ⬆

Then, click the "Processes" tab and you will see the screen below. ⬇

Above, you can see 83% of the memory is being used, which will slow down your child's classroom performance. To close Apps and free up some memory, right click on them and then select "End task". (READ BELOW)

🛑 CAUTION: only click "End task" on Apps that you are not using.

🛑 Do not close "Background processes".

🛑 You can also restart your computer if you are unsure which Apps to close.

We recommend keeping the memory below 50%, if possible.

If you are still having difficulty, please try uninstalling the Lingo Bus app, reinstalling it. Then, please send us screenshots of your task manager, the speed test results, and the issues you are encountering. We will do our best to help you troubleshoot. ❤

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