What Happens if My Child Misses Class?

My Child Missed Class Today, What Happens Next?

Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent children from attending a lesson, such as power outages, illnesses, elephant rampages, etc. If your child misses class, then the teacher will be paid for the class and their preparation time, as stated in the terms of service. Terms

The class credit cannot be returned to your inventory, as it will be used to pay the teacher. You will be able to see the class listed on your home page, under "Others"

Will my child take the class they missed?

Yes, the class number will automatically adjust so your child can take the class they missed. If your child has an upcoming class, and you do not see it updating, please contact us via email or the IM chat so we can make sure the class is marked appropriately.

What if my child's teacher does come to class?

If your child's teacher does not attend class, we will return the class to your inventory and mark the class as "Incompleted-Teacher No Show, Not Charged". You will also be able to find this class in the "Others" section. Your child will take the missed lesson number during their next scheduled time.

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