Reading & Writing Grade Test

If your child is taking the Literacy Test, these are the steps to begin.

1. Make sure you are on a smart phone, then click the link you were given.

2. Log in to your Lingo Bus account.

3. Select the child who will be taking the test:

Once you click on their avatar, it will turn yellow. Then click the purple bar below.

Then on the next page, the instructions say: Welcome to the Lingo Bus literacy test. Please have your child take the test independently, so we can accurately assess their skill level and match them to the correct courses.

Depending on your child's level, the test will include 10-30 questions. It usually takes about 10 minutes to complete the test.

Note: the test contains some listening samples. Please make sure that you have the sound on so that your child can hear the samples.

(Click the purple bar to continue to the test)

The next page will ask you to choose your child's approximate character knowledge. The top option says: "recognizes between 0-400 Chinese characters", and the lower one says "recognizes more than 400 Chinese characters".

Please select the option you think is closest to your child's level, then click the purple bar again and your child can begin the assessment.

Once your child has completed the test, please contact us at and we will discuss the next steps with you.

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