I can't schedule the demo class

There are several potential situations that will lead to a failure when scheduling a demo class. Here are a couple possible reasons:

1. No available class in the account - upon the registration of each account, we will issue a free demo class that will expire after 7 days. We know life can get busy, and it can be easy to miss the expiration date for the demo class. If this is the case, please don't worry, simply send us an email at service@lingobus.com and we will add another demo class to your account. We don't want you and your little ones to miss out on the amazing gift of Chinese language learning!

2. Multiple accounts have been registered - sometimes when creating an account, people will register with Facebook, a phone number, or an email, and then later log in with a different method. This creates multiple accounts, and sometimes the demo class is "hiding" in the other account. Please contact us at service@lingobus.com and we can try to locate your account(s) and merge them into one so you can continue scheduling the demo.

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