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How can I get reminders for class?

If you have registered an email address with Lingo Bus, you will receive notifications via email that you have scheduled class or that you have an upcoming lesson.

Sometimes these emails can be delayed, so please keep a good track of when your class times are.

If you are not receiving these emails, check to make sure we are not blocked or going into your spam inbox. The primary email we use is

You may wish to enable additional reminders, especially if you have a busy schedule.

There are three additional ways to receive reminders: Facebook messenger, WeChat, and phone.

Please use these as extra reminders, and also try to schedule classes at a time you will remember naturally.


You can message our official page on Facebook and type "connect" and then click to connect your account. You will receive a message saying "congratulations!" after you successfully link your account. The steps are pictured below:

1. Type "connect".

2. Click "connect account". (See above)

3. Sign in to your registered account.

4. Go to "me" and click the pen next to your name. Then click "account"

5. You should see a button to connect to Facebook or the word "connected".

6. Go back to messenger and you should receive a message saying you have linked your account. (See below)

Phone or WeChat:

On a computer, go to your profile, and then "account". Under this tab, you will see an option to add a phone number or to connect to WeChat. Once you have added a phone number, most cell carriers will allow you to receive reminders from us. If you are not receiving them, you can check with your cell carrier or enable a different reminder method so you won't miss a lesson.

If you wish to connect to WeChat,

1. Click "connect to WeChat", then a QR code will show.

2. Open your WeChat app on your phone, and scan the code.

3. Then make sure you add our official account, LingoBus学堂.

*If you have any trouble, please email us at

Please verify that you are receiving reminders before relying on them. The email reminders may come late periodically, so please set phone reminders as a backup.

*If your child misses class due to forgetting, not receiving a reminder, technical issues on your end, etc. the class will not be recredited to you account. The teacher will still be paid for their time, as they prepare in advance for the lesson and also wait the entire class time for your child. These reminders should be treated as an extra help, not as a primary means of remembering.

Please contact us if you need help in setting up reminders. Please send photos and details so that we can better understand the issue. Email / Facebook

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