How many class(es) should my kid take each week?

There is no restriction on the amount of classes our students can take each week. However, for a beginner, the recommended frequency of Lingo Bus class is 2-3 classes per week. This will allow our students have a day or two to review the learned class with the study materials provided after each class (which of great importance for their learning outcome).

Sample schedule: Schedule the first class on Monday, perhaps after dinner. After the class, review and practice with the materials on Tuesday and Wednesday for 20 minutes for each day. Then, schedule the second class on Thursday, after breakfast. Finally, review the second class 20 minutes per day on Friday and Saturday. Take a break on Sunday.

Above is just an example of the schedule routine of taking 2 classes/week. Please feel free to schedule the class to suit your own plan. Our students take between 1-10 classes per week, depending on individual student needs and goals.

Your child's learning advisor can also help you to create a customized study plan and can recommend materials

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