Why the 'Frequently Used Teachers' list is grayed out?

It's simple, it's due to these two simple reasons:


1. Inactivated function for new students.

After completing just one class with us (usually Demo class), our parents will find that they are unable to click and use the 'Frequently Used Teachers' button when trying to schedule a new class in the schedule page. That's because you need to have a minimum of 2 lessons, each with a different teacher to activate this feature. Upon the completion of another class with a different teacher this feature will be activated and from then on you can schedule a class using either the 'All Teachers' or 'Frequently Used Teachers' mode.


2. Suspension function during level stage change.

During the last class of each level both functions ('All Teachers' and 'Frequently Used Teachers') are locked and you will be unable to use them. You don't need to worry about this. In order to ensure the quality of education at Lingo Bus, we have a teaching qualification system for teachers, this means not every teacher is able to teach higher levels as they require further training from us. This is to ensure you receive the best teaching experience possible from us. That's why we lock this feature, otherwise chances are you might end up having scheduled a Level 2 class with a teacher who can only teach Level 1. The schedule function will be reactivated upon the completion of the last class of your current level. And our system will filter out the teachers who don't have the qualification to teach the new level to you.

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