What's the 4-class super group bundle?

What is the 4-class bundle for Super Group?

This bundle is a demo bundle, so that you and your child can preview Super Group classes and see if they are right for you. There are only 4 lessons total.

If you purchase more than 4, they will be the same classes again.

These are the topics for the lessons:

Lesson One:

Will teach how to express like/dislike for certain foods and also the names of 4 foods.

Lesson Two:

The second lesson will teach how to introduce yourself, how to cheer for a friend, etc.

Lesson Three:

The third lesson teaches the names of sports and how to express whether you enjoy or don't enjoy them.

Lesson Four:

Lesson four teaches the names of animals and students will learn how to discuss if they are cute or scary.

How Does Super Group Class Work?

My Super Group Teacher is Not Here

*And for information on Super Group & One-on-one combo lessons:

What is Super Group?

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