Finding Study Materials

Finding Study Materials

First, go to the tab marked "study" and click on it

Find your child's current unit. You can click "unit materials" to see those or expand the folder by clicking the > button.

These are what Level 1 Unit Materials have:

Writing Sheet: printable character practice for all the characters learned throughout Level 1. Note: students will mostly focus on speech and pronunciation through most of Level 1. A few characters are introduced towards the end of the level. Your child is not expected to memorize all the characters on their own. They will be taught one by one in class.

Lyrics for Unit Song: This PDF has the lyrics for all the songs of this level- in Chinese characters, Pinyin, and in English

Words and Grammar: a useful tool! It is a complete vocabulary and sentence guide for the child's current unit. You can print these and help your child practice dialogue.

Video: the unit song (Note: this works best through the website, not the PC app- Study Center)

*Level 1 songs have pinyin and English translations and will download if viewed from a PC or Mac browser

Workbook: These are printable pages for your child to practice their spoken Chinese. Excellent for young learners to practice with between classes and get some screen-free review. If you do not have a printer, they can be uploaded to iBooks or another PDF viewer/editor program.

Now go back to study and click the > button to expand the unit. Find your child's lesson. Expand that.

At the top of this picture, you can see "unit report". This is your child's report from their assessment class (if they have taken it).

Below are:

Flashcards: digital flashcards for preview and review

Video: a video preview of the lesson vocabulary and some of the sentence structures. It will have English translations as well.

Audio book: a video review of the entire lesson

Quiz: a quick quiz that your child can take after each lesson to help enforce new learning

Scroll down and you will see:

Playback: This is your child's entire class. They stay in your account for about 6 months so your child is able to review learning.

Growth Journal: A quick snapshot of the lesson. Sometimes we catch a cute moment and you can share them with friends or family. (Sometimes they turn out a bit awkward- you never know!) They are generated based on how long your child talks or sings.

*The Unit report is another helpful tool. Here is an article on that: Understanding the Unit Report

Don't forget to look through the "Resources" tab as well. You can also find most of these items on a mobile device or iPad as well.

Accessing/Printing study materials from a phone

Where do I find supplementary materials?

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