How does Lingo Bus protect my child's privacy?

All Lingo Bus teachers undergo a strict selection process as well as receiving confidential information training. Teachers sign confidentiality agreements as part of their teaching contract. They are forbidden to share any private information about students without parental consent.

All photos and videos used on our website and social media channels are shared by parents and with parental consent. We do not share student photos, recording, or videos without explicit consent.  

For parents in the United States, your children's privacy is protected by Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We collect your authorization when you schedule the first class on Lingo Bus and you can revoke your authorization and ask us to delete your children's information any time. Class videos are kept for a period of time in your account so that you can review the classes with your child and also so we can review teacher performance and ensure that teachers are held to the highest standards of teaching. If you ever wish to delete your account, the videos will be deleted at the same time.

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