I can not enter the classroom

When you find any difficulty in entering the classroom, please try the following tips:

  • Please check your Lingo Bus registered email box and find the class notification email (30 minutes before class time), copy and paste the back-up classroom link into the web browser. It will navigate to the classroom immediately.
  • Please reboot your router and device, then try to enter the classroom again.
  • If you are using a web-browser on a PC(Windows or Macbook operation system). It is highly recommended to download a PC APP from https://www.lingobus.com/app-download/ and install it to your device, then enter the classroom again via the PC APP.

If the above does not work, please send these 2 kinds of screenshots to service@lingobus.com.

1. Press "Function" + "F12", choose "Console", then take a screenshot.

2. Visit https://ping.huatuo.qq.com/www.lingobus.com/and http://bz.qq.com/www.lingobus.com/ to test your internet speed and take screenshots of the test results.


If it turns out the issue is with our system that your child cannot attend the class, we will compensate the class.

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